Week 7 Blog: IPIP Results & Reaction

After taking the IPIP Test I got the following results. Extraversion 34, Agreeableness 52, Conscientiousness 75, Neuroticism 21, Openness 1. For majority of the sections I got pretty average results. However the section of oneness did stand out to me as I only scored a 1 on it. Overall I think these results show that I am level headed but not overly eager about certain things. I think the results match up well with how I see myself in the sense that I am usually not the center of attention, but like to take responsibility and accomplish the task that I have been given. Overall I think the test results give a good general perspective of someone but don’t offer the full in depth look.

Overall if an employer saw the results of this test I wouldn’t be worried, but also wouldn’t want them to judge my application solely based of these results. I’m assuming that there are areas of my results that don’t match up exactly with what a postion I might apply for would want. I would rather take my chances and interview for a position rather than have recruiters see me for who I am just on paper.

I think tests can be useful when hiring people for a position, as they allow recruiters to find out specifics about a candidate. However, These tests could easily be manipulated by applicants and can make candidates nervous about applying for a postion like this as their results from a test like this could be unfairly judged.

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