Week 5 Blog post: Typical vs. Maximal Performance

If I were in the shoes of the business person who is looking to hire I would choose to hire Jaime. I would rather have someone that is consistent and know I can count on them rather than someone like Avery who seems to be a below average employee. Knowing that Jaime has a weakness in high stress situation, is okay, as I would rather be able to plan for it rather than have an unpredictable employee like Avery.

A job that would fit the characteristics for someone like Avery would be a more specialized postion that has less overall responsibilities and are instead concentrated to the task they have. With a less motivated employee i think it is wise to give them less overall responsibilities so there is less of a chance of those responsibilities go unfulfilled. In a more experience specific position, the employee will be more guided to fill into their higher capability potential.

A think a postion that would suit someone like Jaime is a more general position that doesn’t dive into the specifics to much. As noted in the description, Jaime “struggles to provide you with any more than what they already give you daily.” This is why I can count on them to do important basics tasks. However it doesn’t go much beyond that.

To be more specific in my examples, If I was the manager at a big box store and had to place these 2 workers somewhere, I would give Jaime the position of “shelf stocker” as its an important essential job that needs to get done regularly. I would then give Avery a position in customer service where the task is more specialized, and where there potential can be utilized.

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