Week 4: Critiquing a recruitment ad

I like to think of my brand as a calm and steady source of leadership that takes the responsibilities given to me as an employee seriously. If you need to count on an employee to get a task don’t then look no further. Past employers will highlight my ability to exceed the requirements of a job and utilize time and resources in the most efficient manner that helps the business. Having a clear understanding of the business model and market that business serves is a step I take to make sure I am performing my job to the best of my abilities in order to better serve the customers of that business. It is a very interesting thing to think of yourself as a brand because you may think of yourself one-way, but others may see it a totally different way. It is a very useful exercise though!

When presenting myself in a wanted ad I would probably present myself as the answer. I would be confident but also use some light hearted comedy to lighten the intensity of the situation, if any. Its important to be confident, but also to be honest. I wouldn’t shy away from things that I didn’t know but would rather embrace them as opportunities that can help me grow into a better employee. I think my presentation would very a little bit depending on the company since every culture is just a little bit different. Overall in my field of operations management I have to be good with people as it is a daily part of most jobs in the field. Showing this while presenting myself is essential. Overall the confidence, comedy, and willingness to improve will be the biggest part of my brand that I will focus on!

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One response to “Week 4: Critiquing a recruitment ad”

  1. Addison,

    I really like how reliable you are because that is a super valuable quality that employers sometimes struggle to find. I also thoroughly enjoyed reading your idea for an ad. Like you, I decided to use some comedy in my ad because I am a very social and easy-going person and I really enjoy comedy. I agree that every company and industry is different, making it a bit more difficult to appeal to different markets. I think that your willingness to learn and improve is definitely a huge strength that you should promote! Nice job!


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