Week 3: Job Descriptions

Reflecting back on my last job I can see how the description wasn’t the most important thing to me because I already knew about the position and was more focused on the hourly rate of the position as well as my schedule for the job. At the time I wasn’t as concerned with what I was doing, rather I was more concerned with when and for how much money.

When I started this job I realized that the job description on the application was more of a general guide. The guide told me the type of thing I might be doing but it didn’t specifically tell me what tasks I would be performing. For more reference, the warehouse I was working in had two different departments, inbound and outbound. Within those two departments there were a variety of tasks that had to be performed by employees which are assigned to you by a manger. The job description put all these different tasks under the same umbrella. So when you showed upon on the first day it was kind of a mystery as to what job function you would be preforming. I don’t have the job description available to share but it was very generalized as to what type of action you would be doing.

Fast forward to today where I am looking for another job, I am a lot more concerned with the job description and spend time looking through the requirements of each job to find a position that is something other than I generalized guide. When I was looking for the warehouse job I was more concerned with finding a job that I can perform while going to college. Now that I’m about to graduate I’m looking for more specific jobs that relate to my major. I think looking at more detailed description can help me with this pursuit.

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  1. Addison,
    I completely understand the need for a job and not really caring too much about the position itself. That is kind of where I was when I applied for mine. The jobs that generalize their job descriptions are the most difficult because you don’t totally know what you will be getting when you show up on your first day. I think it is smart of you to look for positions with a more thorough job description that gives you some greater insight on what you will have to do on a day to day basis. Nice job!

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