Target Job Application Experience

The last job application I completed was for the position of warehouse associate at a Target distribution center. I heard of the available position through my girlfriend of the time who was working at this location. To apply I had to fill out a typical online application that wanted to know past work experiences and level of education. It seemed that there wasn’t a whole lot of requirements for the position. After filling out the application I got a confirmation email that my application was under review and then a couple week later I got a Email notifying me that I got the position and had a list of the next steps to complete for onboarding into the company.

At the time I was super excited to get the position as it was relatively well paying and I was able to get the weekend shift that I wanted since I was going to school at the same time. Its been a couple years since applying for this job, and the more that I think about it, the whole application process was easy but it wasn’t very welcoming. You kind of feel like just another number to this big company because they don’t even take the time to interview you. They have so many people to hire that its not a very warm and welcoming process. Overall the hiring process was a good signal of how the company operates as you come to find that every worker is very easily replaced. It isn’t until you get into the management level of the company that they start taking personal interest in who you are.

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