#TakeControlYourSole with ShoeBio

By Sydney Borek.

“Sneakerheads” are dedicated to fashion and are all about authentic and rare shoes.

Scouring dozens of websites for the ultra-exclusive pair of shoes can be a sneakerhead’s nightmare. Finding the best price on those shoes can add all the more frustration and wasted time.

ShoeBio provides customers with a one-stop option to find the shoe of their dreams at the best price.

Benjamin “Benny” Steinhorn and Mitchell Stebner started ShoeBio near the end of 2017. Steinhorn said that both he and Stebner’s lives have revolved around ShoeBio since then.

They both study Business, Marketing and Entrepreneurship in the OSU College of Business. Stebner approached Steinhorn with the idea after Stebner had a similar experience to what ShoeBio sees as their target market—people who love sneakers but want to pay the lowest price.

“We both worked for Nike and Adidas … with about ten years combined experience. We’ve helped thousands of customers over the years, really heard their stories, experiences and … their struggles, and this is really where this idea got sparked,” Stebner said.

As with any startup, ShoeBio has hit some bumps in the road on their journey to make their idea become reality. The largest they’ve had to overcome is the creation and refinement of their website. They are currently smoothing out issues before releasing it to the public.

Steinhorn wished to share some wisdom he and Stebner have learned saying, “Self-learning and self-teaching and learning through real-world experiences helps you create that ground base [to build your dreams].”

They have been invited to speak at the Innovation Showcase after winning second place in OSU Advantage Accelerator’s Next Great Startup. Steinhorn and Stebner have also won second place in both The New Venture Championship and the Draper Competition at Smith College winning a total of about $30,000 for the improvement of their company.

Stebner and Steinhorn wish to thank all those who have helped them, including OSU Advantage Accelerator, Oregon State University and the advisors and professors who all have fostered the creation of their platform.

Steinhorn and Stebner are excited to launch ShoeBio and would love feedback. Their emails are mitchell@shoebio.com and benjamin@shoebio.com, and they can be found on Twitter at @shoe_bio.

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