Welcome to the Don’t Pack a Pest for Academic Travelers blog!

Don’t Pack a Pest for Academic Travelers is a research-guided outreach program collaborating with international educators to teach academic travelers about the risks of traveling with potentially harmful agricultural items.

This initiative is an extension of the national Don’t Pack a Pest effort to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and pests that come through our ports of entry through food, handicrafts, and other goods.

Our mission is to help academic travelers like yourself pack “smart, safe, and aware.”

Pack Smart! Prepare before you travel and know what agricultural items (such as food and natural medicines/handicrafts) are prohibited to the U.S.
Pack Safe! Avoid packing and sending prohibited items that may carry harmful pests and diseases that can damage our food supply and the environment.
Pack Aware! Know what to expect and what to do when crossing into the United States. Learn with us and join our community!

Through our blog, you can learn all about our mission, safe packing practices, and getting through customs without a hitch (and hitchhiker).

Be sure to check out our main Don’t Pack a Pest for Academic Travelers website and our parent Don’t Pack a Pest website.

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