Glossaries are helpful when the course or instructor has a specific list of terms and definitions that are useful for the class throughout the course.

Glossary entries typically include just text, but can include links, audio, images, embedded video, etc.

Additionally, the information can be entered by students, which can make this both a collaborative study guide or assignment.

How to use in a course

The vast majority of glossaries are used as a way to delivery content to students. That information is provided by instructors, and then presented to students in two ways.

The first, is the glossary page within the course (see the video for details).

The second is the glossary browser extension, which includes the glossary on each Canvas page, and underlines any words on the page that are also found in the glossary.

As an instructor…

How much time will be required from me?

This depends on where you’re sourcing your glossary terms and definitions from.
Estimate 2 hours.

Our web team can help with data entry depending on the source.

What do I need to provide?

A list of terms and any related definition, media, etc. that you’d like to include. This can be sent over in a spreadsheet or text document for our team to enter into the application.

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