Every year as a part of our paid sponsorship with Athletics we get to create a short video to be played during football games. Yes, that is accurate we (the university) have to pay to get a 30 second message up on the Jumbo Tron at each of our home football games. I understand it, but I certainly don’t respect it.

Anyways it is a typically fun, but challenging project. One thing that stands out, as a positive, is the collaboration it takes to make something like this happen. We work closely with the Marketing office on messaging, style and delivery. We also rely on Media Services to help us get the technical specs correct and to do all the work during the actual game.

Pretty much everyone in our department gets to work on these in some way or another. We also pull in random staff members from other units on campus to be our “talent”.

The shot above is from the one we did for the 2012 football season. It is an ESPN Sports Center style spoof.

-Kegan (aka Kevin)


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