Renovating “The Vault:” a study in upcycling

“The Vault,” one of our newly renovated editing suites, got its name from its previous managers who used it as a vault for campus maps. And boy, was it a sight in those days… I don’t have any photos of the room at its earliest stage, but here’s how the space looked back when we […]

Digital lab rats wanted

  So you’ve got yourself a Drupal site, and it’s feeling a little neglected. Maybe it doesn’t have any friends and nobody plays with it anymore. Why not bring it to one the Drupal Open Labs? Or maybe you don’t have a website yet but you’ve always been thinking about getting one. Why not stop by […]

My Internship Experience at Interactive Communications

  Getting Started My internship at Interactive Communications has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. The journey here was quite random, after being rejected for a graphic design internship I was encouraged to apply for an internship with Web Communications (the department’s previous name). I kindly thanked the referrer, wallowed in self-pity and […]

Job Well Done

I recently got a tour of the new online catalog that our Extension office built. Essentially it houses all of their publications in one easy to navigate Drupal site. For anyone with Drupal or database experience you know that alone is a heroic task. The site is full of features and cool modules. It is […]

Teamwork pays off

I’m very lucky to be able to work with an absurdly talented team. This year their work was recognized for excellence by CASE, our professional organization, for three different projects. The  silver award for “Floralia,” an interactive storytelling site that features rich content and immersive design, is especially rewarding because that project was conceived and […]

Flower Goddess

Our team came up with a great microsite recently. It was one of those projects that grew organically out of collaboration and experimentation…nothing about it was planned in advance. Darryl was working on a video for the Spring Fashion Show put on by the School of Design and Human Environment. One of our best kept secrets […]

SXSW 2013

                  I just got back from Austin. Here are my notes from some fantastic panels and keynote speeches. There is a lot to get through, but hey, stick with me. The Real Responsive Process These guys talked about the theory behind it, why we should be doing […]


Maybe it’s a coincidence that we completed a re-branding effort with eleven of our twelve college websites around the same time that the new Beaver Athletics brand was launched. Like that effort, this project was a long time in the making. Three years, in our case. The colleges that opted to work with us, beginning […]