The Web Comm team has had a hand in a few successes recently. We helped with the launch of three new websites, including the colleges of Veterinary Medicine and Education, as well as a new site for our Veterinary Hospital, which includes a fancy new parallax slider and a nifty video piece. Of course, Central Web Services was instrumental in helping make these projects a success, proving once again that when IT and communications play nice, great stuff happens. We also had fantastic support from two colleges motivated to improve their online presences.

Oliver Day, Interactive Designer
Oliver Day joined Web Communications on June 4

And, since people are our greatest and most important resource, our biggest recent success is adding a new interactive designer to our team. Oliver Day has joined us, bringing a world traveler’s perspective and work experience ranging from web retail to winemaking in two hemispheres. We’re excited to have his creative eye and excellent portfolio of work on our team. And we also won’t mind if he shares some of his home brew with his officemates.

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7 thoughts on “Three sites and a new designer

  1. Thanks,

    I’m pretty impressed with the three designs for the various Uni departments. They look clean, professional and navigation is easy.

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