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Finding Home: Abby Schamp

Oregon State Sailing Team member, Abby Schamp

Abby Schamp is a part of the Oregon State Sailing Team, a team that competes locally, regionally and nationally in the strategic sport of sailing. Anyone who is associated with Oregon State is eligible to join the team.

When did you first feel a sense of belonging on campus?
Definitely when I first went to a regatta with the sailing team. My first few practices, everyone was very welcoming and kind, but I can be a bit shy and didn’t know how to interact with a large group of people who already knew each other. By my first regatta, I was very nervous and almost dropped out right before it, but my dad said to just go and try it out. I am so glad I did because by spending over 48 hours with the team, I felt so included and began to be more outgoing with the group. By the end of the regatta, I was in on the inside jokes, was playing games with the team and knew that I had found a group I would participate in for the rest of my time at Oregon State.

How have you grown from being involved?
I have certainly grown by being in this club. With a team, there are certain decisions and planning that must be done, and often people have different visions for the team. It is important to be able to both articulate your views and reasons for them, and also listen to others and be able to work with them. As next year’s vice president, I will be able to continue developing my communication and leadership skills while giving back to a team that is very important to me.

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