Mangaone madness

Today I thought that, instead of writing a novel, I would provide you all with some visual evidence of what our field work is like! No pictures of ice cream, sorry. Enjoy the following scenes from the last few days!

Tarawera Falls looking like something out of Jurassic Park.
A look at the Mangaone group of eruptions. Within this outcrop there are 12 different eruptions recorded!
Adam using the field geologist’s most useful tool (other than their brain)…the infamous hand lens.
PI meeting of the minds in the morning to discuss the daily sampling plan.
This giant cliff is one eruptive unit: the Whakatane ignimbrite (ash flow). Lydia graciously being scale. That’s a lot of eruptive material, folks.
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2 Replies to “Mangaone madness”

  1. Hello from Wisconsin (today we have 22 degrees & snow) I love seeing all the fantastic photos and reading the daily posts…WOW what a adventure! Stay safe! Xo Aunt Cami

  2. Thanks for the pictures ! Looks incredible. You better exercise now and then with all that ice cream! 🙂 Enjoy it while you can get it. There is always room for ice cream. And the only thing better than ice cream………………….is More ice cream!

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