On track

Through exhausting Week 2, all the processes of missions start running on the track. During week 3, our team had the first meeting with the project sponsor. The background of project sponsors confirms that I will learn a lot in this project. They come from well-known universities such as Cornell, and most of them have PhD degrees from various fields, such as machine learning, electronic engineering and mechanical engineering.But because of the short duration of the meeting, we may still lack a lot of information related to project requirements. In this part, we will get more information in the follow-up email exchanges and follow-up meetings with Project partner.

This week I shared information about React.js with people in the discussion. React.js belongs to one of the three mainstream web app architectures. Among the three mainstream web apps framework, Angular’s application field is relatively narrow. Vue is relatively lightweight, so it performs well on small websites. React can be extended to the server end and the React Native can be applied on the mobile side. Some people may think that the use of React.js is too cumbersome. This is because When we discuss React, we subconsciously count the new features that are developed step by step in the React community. This may make React development look a bit cumbersome and bloated. But these cumbersomeness provide convenience for the development of large projects.

When I discuss with people that I want to spend my life on artificial intelligence or automation, some of them indeed question the possibility that these businesses may take away the jobs of factory workers. But what I want to say is that the difference between humans and animals is that people use tools. Regardless of how artificial intelligence develops, its role contracts to humans will not be different from that of the calculator. On the contrary, a convenient and powerful tool can better improve people’s lives rather than make them worse.


An imperfect start, but I will never give up!

After finishing the warm-up, the new school year began to work intensively. In the first three days of this week, I was waiting for the project assignment with excitement. However, at this time I did not realize that I had made many indelible mistakes. And when I realized this tragedy, it was already four o’clock in the morning on Sunday this week.

Until Wednesday of this week, I was busy completing the explorations and assignment of other courses this term, and I did not look through and understand Capstone’s plan for this week. Because I mistakenly thought that not being assigned to the project and team members would make it difficult for me to start this week’s tasks. On Thursday, after receiving the assignment result of the project, I slowly gathered my teammates, which finished on Friday night. After completing the Team Rules file that evening, it was a terrible deepening of my misunderstanding, there was still plenty of time. As a result, I missed the most important information in the announcement that the Instructor, Bill sent me. “If you haven’t contacted the Sponsor, this is very tremendously bad.” I did send a Reach-out email to my Project sponsor by using the email address provided by Bill on Friday night, but there was no mention of the request for a more detailed project description and scheduling a meeting because at this time I was still waiting for the reply from the last team member. While waiting for a response from the Project partner on Saturday. I tried to follow the Instructor’s commend to use project proposal and internet searches as a source of ideas to complete the Problem Statement. Finally found that this is a task of Hell difficulty.

At the end of this series of incidents, what was left was me who continued to sit in front of the monitor at 4 AM with a cigarette and tried to complete the Problem statement. This experience led me to sum up a few lessons, and I hope I can avoid these mistakes in my future study and work.

  1. Never trust weekend deadlines and Never start them on Thursday or Friday instead of start earlier.
  2. Don’t expect others can reply to you immediately, find ways to begin move and reach them.
  3. If it is really impossible to start in advance, try to understand all the information about this task (be able to write down the key points).

Finally, fortunately, I am not an easy person to defeat. Even if there is no perfect start, I will try my best to perform perfectly in the following. Now, first, complete what I can do.

  1. Reply to Instructor’s email, trying to get more help from him on how to contact the project sponsor.
  2. Send another email to the Project Sponsor requesting more detailed information about the project and asking the earliest possible time for the meeting.
  3. Read the Project protocol again and try to find more information from the Internet to complete the Problem Statement.

Hope it will go well in the future.


Hello CS world, it’s me!

As a beginner of the blog, there are endless missions to complete and knowledge to learn. But, first of all, I would like to talk about myself. I am an international Computer Science student who comes from a country on the other side of the earth.

Some people may think that I may have ambitious goals for learning CS from such a faraway place. Ashamedly, my motivation for starting to study computer science is actually because of the higher wages in the programmer industry compared to other industries. Because university tuition is not a small amount for my family, I want to be financially independent as soon as possible. But while studying OSU, I slowly began to be interested in the knowledge contained in computer science itself, especially the assemble language involved in the underlying implementation of computers and the NP problem involved in mathematics. Outside the course, Machine Learning, and the application of TensorFlow are the two main topics that I pay attention to them. Now I am looking for research opportunities related to AI. Therefore, the project, “AI Based Webapp for Microfluidic Design Automation” from HP is really charming for me. Well, I know such a good project will filter lots of applicants, so I am willing to be involved in any Machine Learning related project.

Finally, I have to say that I am a boring person who has few interests. Like a proverb from my hometown, I am surviving life instead of enjoying life. The life routine of me is learning and working, except for maintaining daily life. But who can say that this is not good, everyone has their own ambitions.