A Summer to Remember

The job that comes to the top of my mind when the question of “job description” is posed is my summers at Hills Resort. It is honestly one of the most breathtaking places in the whole wide world. Because of that, to date, I have spent three summers in Priest Lake, Idaho. 

I first heard of the job four summers back when my family and I went camping at Reeder Bay. At the time, I was a nanny (a job I don’t think I will ever do again – honestly the hardest job I’ve ever had). After my freshman year, I applied to be a waitress at the resort. I had no experience working in a resort or as a waitress, but thankfully they took a chance on me and hired me for the position of a waitress. 

In the interview, it stressed a lot about how it was a family up at the lake, and I thought I understood that. I was wrong. My perspective was that it was family-centered in the aspect that their main client was families. While this is true, it also means that everyone you work with becomes part of your family as well. 

For instance, I was placed in the “Kali House” which was employee housing they provide for everyone working at the resort. I knew about this “perk” but I didn’t know that the girls I would live with would be some of the most empowering and incredible women I would get the chance to meet. The same goes for my co-workers, managers, and the owners; they are all now part of my extended family. Another perk is we get to take out all of the paddleboards, kayaks, and canoes for free which is another highlight of the summers at the lake. 

So a job description is great; but it can only go so far.

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