Creating a community to support and empower women in STEM

Who are we?

SHPEtina stands for the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Latina chapter. We are part of the bigger SHPE Region 1 Chapter here at OSU. We work to encourage professional development through projects and community involvement through out reach in STEM. Specifically we work to target Latina’s who are in the STEM fields, but we still welcome everyone to participate in our club.

Our Events

We also strive to bring in guest speakers with whom we can have open and honest conversations with about topics surround women in STEM. All while providing a fun and chill environment where we can all create meaningful connections with each other through open communication and honest conversations.

Why join? Well, do you want to network with professionals in STEM and Engineering?

Do you want to get advice on building a polished resume

Do you belive you would benefit from having someone look over professional emails?

Do you want someone to give you advice on how to start a cover letter?

Whats more, do you want to seek opportunities to learn about different programs for finding Internship, scholarships, and great opportunities to volunteer in activities that pertain to STEM and more speficially Engineering?

If you believe that any of these professional development opportunities would be a benefit to your academic and profession life and, most importantly, if you are ambitious, goal oriented, and want to create meaningful connections with other SHPEtinas then this is the place to be!

Meet the Team:

Teresita Carolina Guzman Nader – Got our SHPEtina mailing list set up and our website set up! She also is the point of contact for our amazing guest speaker Dr. Adam’s!

Yocelin Maldonado-Diaz – Our wonderful coordinator from last year who is an amazing resource of information and general just a fun person to get to know.

Carolina Guillen – Our amazing SHPE President! Super funny person to talk to and an amazing resource as well!

Me! Inez Hernandez Fuerte – Your point of contact for SHPEtina this year. I am excited to get to work with you all!

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