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Program: Oregon Sea Grant Legislative Fellowship

Valerie Stephan-LeBoeuf is Oregon Sea Grant's 2019 Legislative Scholar.

Valerie Stephan-LeBoeuf is Oregon Sea Grant’s 2019 Legislative Scholar.

Assignment: Valerie Stephan-LeBoeuf is serving as the 2019 Sea Grant Legislative Scholar, spending the legislative session working with the members of Oregon Legislature’s coastal caucus on issues related to ocean and coastal policy.

Education: Valerie earned her bachelor of science in psychology with a minor in paralegal studies from Boise State University, her master of science in education with a minor in environmental education from Concordia University, and her master of science in environmental science from the University of Idaho.

Professional and Research Interests: A native of Idaho, Valerie has been a frequent visitor to the Oregon coast for most of her life. She began her work in environmental education and outreach, working with wildlife as a zookeeper, and spent 10 years as a wildlife rehabilitator, working with bears, cougars, primates, ungulates and small mammals. Focusing on humane and sustainable solutions to environmental issues, she was the program manager for a population control and conflict resolution program for beavers residing in a large urban area, and improved native fish habitat by relocating beaver groups into areas needing restoration. She continues her work as an educator and presenter, and as a facilitator for human-wildlife conflict resolution. She has presented at professional conferences in the United States, Canada and Greece, and is pursuing a doctorate in environmental science, focusing on human-marine mammal conflict resolution and the human dynamics of restoration efforts for sea otters along the Oregon coast.

Valerie is excited to be a Sea Grant Scholar and is looking forward to working with the Oregon Coastal Caucus during the 2019 legislative session.

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  1. By: Daryl Maas on February 10, 2019 at 7:31 am      

    Hello, I am hoping to contact Ms. Stephan-LaBoeuf regarding some Tillamook Bay water quality permits and potential threats to the bay caused by recent ODEQ exemptions for a new facility. I thought it might come into the ares she is studying please contact me at this email or 210-527-7631. Thanks.

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