South Slough Art Show

On July 6, 2019 the South Slough National Estuary Interpretive Center hosted the “Affatati Art Show” with local artist Vicki Affatati. Vicki Affatati creates murals, oil-based/water-based painting, and public art installations around Bandon, Oregon. In the center I view paintings that were inspired by some of the native birds in areas like owls, herons, and egrets. Visitors, local photographers, and I were truly captivate by the great work that was surrounding us!

Later on, my mentor Jamie Belanger gave a presentation in the Art Show showing why the South Slough Reserve is amazing, so hopefully, Vicki will get some inspiration for her next piece.

Visitors viewing some of Affatati’s work
Vicki Affatati (left) If you are interested in her work please visit
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2 thoughts on “South Slough Art Show

  1. Nice combination of science and nature here – are you artistically inclined at all? I would think that South Slough would be a wonderful source of inspiration.

  2. a little bit and yes there is so much beauty at South Slough anyone could get inspired!

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