The Final Shabang!

Hello everyone,

It really is hard to believe that it is our last week with Oregon Sea Grant. I have had a really awesome time here, and I have definitely enjoyed my project! I will be sad to go home!

Just to give an update on last weeks events: I spent the majority of last week preparing for the presentation and completing the portfolio (I turned it in early! Oops!). I also managed to complete the “Academics” tab, and add a few more student researcher profiles. And then of course, as you all know, we had the final symposium on Thursday which I felt went really well! Everyone had really awesome presentations, and it was great to get a more detailed feel for what all of you are working on! I was really nervous about giving my presentation (I can get pretty sweaty in front of a big crowd), but the longer I talked the more comfortable I became. It was definitely good practice for someone like me who is wanting to teach science at the high school level!

As far as this week goes, I plan to write up some protocols on how to make changes and upload new information/media files to the website. Jenna Borberg, my mentor, will be taking a Drupal Boot Camp course, and will hopefully be able to utilize these written protocols when I leave (at which point site management will fall into her hands). I will also be sending out some emails to find out if any departments have anything to add or change within the “Academics” tab. Aside from that, I will just be tying up some loose ends (uploading additional pictures, adding a few institute descriptions, digging for relevant social media, and adding additional student features).

Now that I’ve given my work spiel, I would just like to say again that this has been a really awesome opportunity to live independently, acquire a new skill, work with an awesome mentor, and learn more about what I eventually want to do with my life. Thank you Oregon Sea Grant for this opportunity – it has been truly been a great experience!

It was great to get to know you all! Lets definitely find each other on facebook and stay in touch. I would love to know in what direction everyone decides to go over the next couple years!



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About Shealyn Friedrich

Hello! My name is Shealyn, and I am an incoming senior at Willamette University in Salem, OR. I am a Biology major/Spanish minor, and I am interning this summer (2011) with the Oregon Sea Grant at Oregon State University! I am a recreational runner, and I enjoy writing, painting, and exploring! I am looking to go into science education, and I am fascinated with life! Until now I have had a broad background in biology, but have not yet had the chance to explore my interest in marine biology specifically, so I am very excited for what the summer holds in store! My job will be to create a website that advertises the wide variety of opportunities and initiatives that Oregon State offers in the marine sciences in a way that is easily accessible. I look forward to sharing my experiences and progress with all of you!

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  1. Great work on creating the website this summer! Best wishes for the future and please stay in touch!

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