Writing Exercise #10

The peer review process is simple but very labor intensive. The authors  decide on a journal that they would like their work published in once they have a complete manuscript contain all necessary data of their work. They will submit their manuscript to a journal editor who will initally work with the journal publisher to decide if the work is a good fit for the journal.  If rejected, the authors may attempt to publsh their work in a different journal. If approved, the work is then sent to 2-4 peer reviewers who are knowledgeable in the specific field of work of the submitted manuscript. They will create a letter to editor which contains their insights on the techiniques used to collect data, the interpretation of the results,  the merit of the results and editing recommendations. This letter will contain a final recommendation whether the work is appropriate for the journal or not. The authors will receive the editing recommendations and will resubmit their work after revising in hopes of it being accepted for publishing. This can occur multiple times until the work is published or rejected. The process allows work that has been reviewed by professional peers to only be published.  This decreases the chance that inappropriate work is  published. The process however, is very labor intensive and may take months until the original manuscript is published. The editors do not always receive all the data results which may effect the way that they view the presented materials. This may negatively impact the credibility of the final work.

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