Writing Exercise #8

For the final review paper, I think I will focus my topic on antibiotic resistance and the effect that it has on the research of new drugs. I am interested to know the extent of antibiotic resistance and how scientists and healthcare providers are working to lessen the effect. Are scientists racing to find cures to pathogens that have developed a resistance? Are providers seeing a rise in the number of patients that present with recurring infections that had already been “treated” with antibiotics? Which antibiotics caused the most resistance? And, which infections are most prone to mutations? These are just a few questions that I immediately think of when reflecting on antibiotic resistance. I expect the questions to narrow in focus as research into antibiotic resistance continues. I think I will find a  peer-reviewed article that involves antibiotic resistance to help me focus on a more specific topic within the realm of antibiotic resistance. Once I narrow the topic, I think it will be easier to direct the paper appropriately.

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