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Ted Brekken is an Associate Professor in electrical engineering (energy systems) at Oregon State University.

Lessons Learned

Lessons learned on the ketogenic diet, in no particular order: Cartoned cream can be clumpy.  A great deal of fat can be left behind, stuck to the sides of the paper carton.  We open the carton, scrape out the solid … Continue reading

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The simplest keto meals

Ted here. This post is about the very simplest keto meals. Especially from the perspective of the secondary cook. Christy is a food wizard. She gets food. She can create new things from basic components. She can produce batches of … Continue reading

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Neurologist visit and update

Last Friday we went to visit Nora’s pediatric neurologist at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland.  The visit went well and I certainly get the feeling the medical team there is delighted to see Nora doing well.  I imagine that is … Continue reading

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We want to make a quick clarification.  The Charlie Foundation has developed an online meal calculator tool called the “KetoCalculator.”  Because of our unusual induction into the diet, we started using our own personally developed Google Docs spreadsheet for calculating … Continue reading

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Things are going well.  Nora is developing well and having good days.  I haven’t posted an update on the data recently.  Check out the plot.  Nora has been free of myoclonics for over 5 months (!), and free of tonic-clonics … Continue reading

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Current Therapy

I added a separate page to lay out Nora’s current treatment and supplementation.  See the tab “Current Therapy” above.

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Things are going well.  It has been 3 months since the last myoclonic seizure and about 6 weeks since the last tonic-clonic.  Nora is shiny, happy, articulate, and energetic.  She recently learned to ride bicycle without training wheels.  Her 4th … Continue reading

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Brief update

Things are going well.  It’s been two weeks since Nora’s last tonic clonic seizure and almost two months since her last true waking myoclonic seizure (!). We got the OK from the doctor to decrease her Depakote.  He’s advocating a … Continue reading

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Nora is doing well.  She has not so far has another tonic clonic since April 5, and significantly, she has not had any waking myoclonics in the aftermath. We have upped her ratio a little bit, and especially made sure … Continue reading

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Nora Update: April 1, 2012

Seizures per day before the diet:  17.3 Seizures per day now:  0.8 Reduction:  95% Half-life:  14.2 days Nora is continuing to do well.  We’ve had total seizure control for about 20 days since the last bump. Her mood, energy, and … Continue reading

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