Wesley D Snyder
B.S. Industrial and Mechanical Engineering, 1994
Vice President, Engineering A-dec Newberg, Oregon

Hearing his story, Wes Snyder might just be the envy of any engineering student anywhere. It may seem as if he has lived a charmed life. But in his mind, it has been perseverance that has served him most. As a student participant in MECOP (Multiple Engineering Cooperative Program), Snyder completed a six-month internship at A-dec, one of the largest dental equipment manufacturers in the world. A-dec was obviously impressed with his work, because promptly after he graduated the company hired him as a manufacturing engineer. The perseverance, skills, knowledge, and ability to problem solve he developed as a student provided the foundation for his steady climb to a vice presidency within 18 years. Although Snyder sometimes misses the hands on work of an engineer, he is happy in his chosen path. “I wouldn’t have anticipated as a graduate that I would be interested in a leadership role,” said Snyder. “I’ve been blessed with great opportunities at a great company. I’ve found that whatever job I held in engineering, I was always able to recognize that I could be a positive influence on others, and that’s been really rewarding.” He said he is glad to be able to support the engineering team at A-dec. “I’m honored to be in a position that can help preserve our culture and continue our legacy of great product introductions,” he said. After establishing himself in his career, Snyder began giving back to MECOP as a mentor and board representative, helping engineering students gain real-world experience so they, too, can realize their dreams.

I wouldn’t have anticipated as a graduate that I would be interested in a leadership role.

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