Week 21: Aug 15-19

This was another busy week, yet I never went into the FIC. On Monday and Tuesday I went to visit Sunshine Dairy so I got to see the dairy processing in action and test samples. I also got to participate in a Milk Off where you taste different store brands and rate them based on potential defects or quality errors. I also got to do a line check of product to test the seals on the package, the color and the taste to make sure the product is up to par before a whole run of product is made. I also did some milk plating to test for bacteria and ecoli which was very interesting to watch and conduct. It was a very fun and educational experience to see all the steps of dairy processing since that is the direction I think I want to go into in the future. The other days this week were spend traveling, preparing, and conducting the Hermiston Crop-Up event. This event went the smoothest and seemed to go by in the blink of an eye since we kind of had our routine figured out by this one. Thus far it is my second favorite crop-up event after the Astoria one.

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