Running long distances is a bit like a trip down the lifespan. You start off in familiar territory. You are surrounded with close family and friends. Then you head off into unfamiliar territory not sure of what each day will bring. Having run the length Oregon on the west side of the Cascades the Godby brothers ventured East into the unfamiliar territory of the Oregon high desert. There are no strangers in #BeaverNation; only friends you haven’t yet met. Take a look at who Isaiah and Jeremiah met along the way.
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Pre-run jitters gone it was time to settle into the routine of the next 61 days, but it wasn’t quite routine. Both brothers began the first day suffering from calf cramps due to the late start on the first day and a Willamette Valley heat wave. But where there’s a will, there’s a way. Take a look at and share moments from the first 200 miles of their run. Continue reading

No matter how much you prepare there always seems to be little details that you can’t control as race day approaches. Injury, unexpected heat wave, departure times and race day nerves all add to the adventure. See how brothers Isaiah and Jeremiah handled the days leading up to the start of the Health Extension Run and how the first day on the road went. Continue reading