Oregon State University’s College of Public Health and Human Sciences is Oregon’s first nationally accredited school of Public Health.

To bring awareness to this distinction and the power of living a healthy lifestyle, two college undergraduates – and brothers, Isaiah and Jeremiah Godby – are running to 30 out of 36 Oregon counties, stopping at OSU Extension Service offices along the way and encouraging community members, alumni and Beavers fans across Oregon to join them – whether you walk, run or use a wheelchair.

The run begins on the Oregon State campus July 7 and will finish Sept. 5.

The Godbys initiated the run to educate and inspire Oregonians to make healthy lifestyles choices, particularly around proper nutrition and fitness. During 61 days, they will each run 1,675 miles across the state averaging 32 miles each day and hosting fun-filled public events along the way.

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