Environmental Arts and Humanities Graduate Student Conference


An annual regional gathering of work across disciplines

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Memorial Union 206

Oregon State University

Evening keynote speakers:

Rebecca Robinson & Stephen Strom
authors of Voices from Bears Ears: Seeking Common Ground on Sacred Land

Lunchtime keynote speaker:

Lissy Goralnik, Michigan State University

Morning schedule

8am: Coffee/morning snacks

Session 1 (830am-945am)

Session Chair: Emily Grubby, Oregon State University

Nicole Metildi, Oregon State University

“Attentive Silence: The role of listening in the environmental justice movement”

Laura Bennett, Oregon State University

“Radicalizing Food: Mobilizing Mainstream Local Food Systems to Align with Social Justice”

Briana Meier, University of Oregon

Vine Deloria’s Agent Ontology: Experiencing places of repair in everyday urban environments

10am: Coffee break and Short Student Film: “Memorias del Migrante”

Session 2 (1030am-12pm)

Session Chair: Joey Tuminello, Oregon State University

Argenis Hurtado Moreno, Oregon State University

“Memorias del Migrante”

Spencer Lane, Portland State University

“Keepers of Sheep, Tillers of Ground: Mutual Relationality in John Steinbeck’s East of Eden

Brittany King, Oregon State University

“Underrepresentation of ethnic and racial groups in marine and fisheries science professions”

Ben Platt, Oregon State University

“Songs of Nonself: An Ecopoetics of Intersubjectivity”

12pm: Lunch (catered for conference presenters)

1215pm Lunchtime Keynote

Introduction by Samm Newton

Lissy Goralnik, Michigan State University

“People, Place, and Purpose: Relationships in Environmental Arts and Humanities”

Afternoon schedule

Session 3 (130pm-3pm)

Session Chair: Ana Varas, University of Essex (UK)

Hannah Bakken, Pacific Northwest College of Art

“New Materialism and Rural Boundaries”

Allison Ford, University of Oregon

“Environmental Politics at the End of the World: Prepping as Environmental Practice”

Adrian Monty, Oregon State University

“The Fissures of Fission: A Look at the Cracks in the Construction of the Atomic Age”

3pm: Coffee break

Session 4 (315pm-445pm)

Session Chair: Bjørn Kristensen, Oregon State University

Liza Dadoly, Portland State University

“‘To Thine Own Self Be True’: Sirk’s All That Heaven Allows as Classical Hollywood Pastoral”

Kristina Beggen, Oregon State University

“Chasing Tails: Exploring Wolf Tales to Refine Relationships”

Rebekah Sinclair, University of Oregon

“Make America Clean Again: A genealogy of Race, Species, and Filth in Early 20th Century America”

Jennifer Venable, Oregon State University

“Moving Beyond Oppressive Binaries: Acknowledging the Value of Nonhuman Animal Life in the Field of Women and Gender Studies.”

5pm: Keynote address


Rebecca Robinson and Stephen Strom

“Controversy, Challenges, and Collaboration: Reporting on Public Lands Issues”

6pm-ish: Tater Tots Against Fascism

“There are two kinds of people in the world. People who love tater tots; and fascists.” –Aristotle*

Please feel free to unwind with us for an informal, non-catered (except for a few baskets of tots) social hour at McMenamins on Monroe. *translations vary

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