Webpages for major projects currently in progress:

Current working papers and forthcoming articles:

  1. *Hashida, Y., and D.J. Lewis. 2019. The intersection between climate adaptation, mitigation, and natural resources: An empirical analysis of forest management. Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (Forthcoming). (PDF version) (Supplementary appendix)
  2. *Mihiar, C., and D.J. Lewis. 2019. Climate, adaptation, and the value of forestland: A national Ricardian analysis of the United States. Working Paper. (PDF version).
  3. Dundas, S.J., and D.J. Lewis. 2018. Estimating option values and spillover damages for coastal protection: Evidence from Oregon’s Planning Goal 18. Working Paper. (PDF version).
  4. *Hashida, Y., Withey, J., Lewis, D.J., Newman, T., and J. Kline. 2019. Forest landowners’ response to climate change and carbon pricing affects wildlife habitat. Working Paper.
  5. Lewis, D.J., Dundas, S.J., Kling, D.M., Lew, D.K., and S.D. Hacker. 2019. The non-market benefits of early and partial gains in managing threatened salmon. Working Paper.
  6. *Long, D., Langpap, C., and D.J. Lewis. 2019. How do traffic reduction policies affect infant health? An integrated sorting and health analysis. Working Paper.

Note: * above signifies a paper written with a graduate student as part of their research.

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