The CSSA program is a master’s program housed in the College of Education at Oregon State University. The program’s primary mission is to prepare individuals for professional administrative positions in student services departments at two- and four-year colleges and universities. The curriculum emphasizes administrative leadership and management of programs and services. Included in these programs and services are:

  • residence halls and student housing
  • enrollment management (admissions, orientation, and financial aid);
  • career services
  • college unions
  • student and co-curricular activities
  • recreational sports
  • international programs
  • individual and group advising
  • general student affairs/services
  • other student and academic support programs

Graduation from the program requires successful completion of at least 54 credits of graduate-level coursework in the major field of study (CSSA) and a minor or area of specialization which is chosen by the student. Completion and presentation of a capstone portfolio (Ed.M. degree) or a thesis capstone (M.S. degree) during the final year is also required.

To learn more about CSSA, its history and the nine competincies of CSSA, visit the CSSA web site.

To meet current students, please click here



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