Make your terminal on macOS less boring with cowsay

One of my daily workflows is using terminal on macOS to connect to ENGR severs and run many applications using command lines. I want every time open the terminal to do any tasks , there will be an inspirer message. This helps to get my gears going. So I decided to install cowsay on my machine.

How to make cowsay at beginning terminal session macOS

Thank you for reading. Feel free to  share your custom terminal session and ideas.


ESP32 Code

Raspberry Pi Thermostat

I’m replacing my old thermostat with a raspberry pi, so I can control the temperature based on Google Calendar events. My intent is to save energy by having the furnace be off most of the day, but still have the house warm when I want it.

You can find the repository at

I’m using custom hardware actually controlling the furnace and measuring the temperature. I have a 5V relay for the control signal to turn on and off the furnace, and an ATTiny861 to read the voltage off a thermistor voltage-divider. It communicates with the PI over UART.

First meeting – Spring term

Hello everyone!

The first meeting in spring term for the Cloud and Application Software Community of Practice will be happening Monday, April 15th at 5.00 PM in Dearborn 211!. Thanks

Procedural Terrain – Diamond Square Algorithm (Java)

Hello everyone,

I created an implementation of the Diamond Square Algorithm which is a method for developing procedurally generated terrain that can be used for video games or computer graphics. In this implementation of the algorithm I used java to generate a procedural square terrain with a variable amount of subdivisions. I then exported the vertex information of the terrain as a .obj file which can be used in almost any 3D editor.

Here is a link to the main code for the implementation.

If that does not work here are images of the main functions:

Part 1  Part 2   Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7

Here are some example procedural terrains I generated from the code.

– Ben Johnson

Windows Kernel Continued

Hey all, there are a couple of useful tutorials related to Windows Kernel drivers and applications. These cover some basics of the drivers and have a similar tutorial to the one I ran, just for Windows 8 rather than 10. The drivers here are pretty simple and give a good overview of the environment.

ESP32 Web Server

Hi all,

Here is a basic tutorial on how to setup a web server on the ESP32 with arduino. It’s a great tutorial for an extremely basic webserver to turn on an LED and can be expanded upon to build a web server with more functionality.


ESP32 Web Server – Arduino IDE