I am pleased to announce some exciting research-related additions to the College of Education.

To begin with, many of you no doubt heard the construction going on over the summer.  The result is a new College Research Suite, in 407. The space currently consists of a secure back room for accessing certain external data sets (applicable to just a few College researchers currently) and an entry space to house postdoctoral researchers and College research support personnel. For many of you the most noteworthy space in the suite will be the group research room (407A), that may be reserved for research meetings and other research-related activities (e.g. focus group interviews) needing space for a group of 3 or more. The room comfortably holds 8 or so). The room will have limited technology in the near future (a large whiteboard, a projector that can be hooked to a computer, a place to project images). You can reserve the room via Kristin Kinman.

A related exciting change to report—we now have a team to support external funding bids and management! Kristin Kinman is an important part of this as she now holds a .5 FTE to help with research-related activities. Kristin will work with my office mostly on the side of “pre-awards,” helping researchers apply for external funding for research. Kristin will provide technical support for things such as budget creation, interacting with Cayuse and other agency websites, and formatting and copy-editing of proposals, allowing me more time to help researchers plan, create, and revise proposals to be most competitive per funders’ parameters. Kristin will also help communicate external funding opportunities and research-related timelines and events, and help manage team Google sites for proposal development. In the future, if time allows, Kristin may help with post-award management.

Many of you have already interacted with Susan Emerson from the OSU Research Office around a research-related activity. Susan will continue to offer enhanced assistance to our College, helping my office to offer professional development opportunities around research, including brown bags and seminars, and towards identifying and aligning research projects with funding opportunities (mostly those from federal agencies). Susan has also been instrumental in helping College researchers take advantage of external research-related opportunities. Stay tuned for announcements regarding these and more College-specific professional development opportunities in the near future.

I am happy to work with Kristin and Susan as part of our larger College research-support team!

As a reminder, iff you desire our help with bids and management of external funding for research, please use the request form to let our team know. A link to the form can be found on this page:  http://blogs.oregonstate.edu/coedresearch/63-2/

You can also email me directly.

Also as a reminder, we also have the attention of the OSU Foundation to identify funding opportunities from foundations in Oregon and beyond. For those of you that attended our College training session with Aaron Shonk and Paul Dubois, you heard their willingness to be contacted directly to share details of projects for which you would like help identifying foundation funding. I encourage any of you to take advantage of their offer. Once a potential foundation is identified to support research, my office will work with theirs to assist your application.

Lastly, the College research symposiums (that have been held 1-2 times/term over the last year) are on hold until late Spring term 2018 as the College will be hosting and promoting research talks this term for up to six candidates for two tenure-track positions in EDU. I encourage you to attend as many of these research talks as possible. Details for these talks are being solidified and will be mailed to you as soon as the committee has the final schedules.

Jana Bouwma-Gearhart
Associate Dean of Research

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