Writing Exercise #4

(1)Karin Sundstrom and Klara Miriam Elfstrom are both PhD’s and their essay, “Advances in cervical cancer prevention: Efficacy, effectiveness, elimination?” (2020) describes that the need for cervical cancer elimination is critical and it can be done through tweaking programs with some additions. (2) Sundstrom and Elfstrom explain this through proposed increase of HPV vaccinations and more cervical cancer screenings, and that the vaccination should be catered to age and thus could make it a one dose vaccine, which would be more convenient. (3) The purpose of this article is to generate public incentive to become vaccinated and get tested in order to create a larger herd immunity to HPV and eradicate cervical cancer. (4) Sundstrom and Elfstrom establish a friendly yet academic relationship with the audience as this can be read by those intrigued by science and their own well-being.

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