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Writing Exercise #15

If I were the head of a funding agency there are a couple of different projects that I would be interested in funding because learning more about microorganisms and how they affect different disease states and health in people is important. I think more research should be done regarding microorganisms and mental health and also […]

Writing Exercise #14

1. List of Non-Infectious Diseases that are influenced by Microorganisms Peptic ulcer disease, mental health disorders (possibly), Alzheimer’s disease (link is correlational), Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Diarrhea, Other GI diseases, Obesity, Behavioral diseases, Allergies, Asthma, and Crohn’s Disease. While some of these may seem like they are overlapping it is possible that there are many […]

Writing Exercise #13

Can experiments detect differences that matter? I think that this question relates to the research being meaningful for the experiment. If it does not show a big increase in experimental terms does it really matter in the long run of the experiment? I think this really relates to the ability for the experiment to show […]

Writing Exercise #12

Microbial communities in the gut can contribute to different health and disease states in the body because they have wide reaching effects it appears. I think microbial communities can influence brain and mental health states in a few different ways. I think they can indirectly influence the brain by causing problems in the gut that […]

Writing Exercise #11

I have done peer reviews of other peoples papers before but having it more structured and including questions to be filled out was new for me. I thought it was interesting to read the different papers and to see how other people approached the paper. I have never been a big fan of peer reviewing […]

Writing Exercise #10

The process of peer reviewing is made to ensure that the information contained in an article is accurate and well put together. It is important for different journals to have peer reviewers to determine if the study was done in a manner that makes it work for the journal and that it is well put […]

Writing Exercise #9

Many things that we do in life can contribute to increased or decreased exposure to microbes. I think a lot of what we do in life, while we do not think about it, has the potential to affect our microbial population in the body in immense ways. I think some of the behaviors that could […]

Writing Exercise #8

Step 1: I think this has been an interesting course and I have found some of the topics to be super interesting. The topic that I found more fascinating was antibiotics and how they contribute to disease states and microbiome depletion.  I also thought the topic on cancer and how microbes contribute to cancer are […]

Writing Exercise #7

This week we learned about how babies can be affected through pregnancy and early infancy because of different factors that go into affecting the microbiome in not only the mother but the infant as well. I think there are a lot of different factors that the mother or the infant could be exposed to that […]

Writing Exercise #6

Antibiotics are important aspects of medicine and provide needed effects that are supposed to be helpful but at the same time may actually be detrimental to the microbial community in the host. I am the daughter of a physician and am also a science major so I understand what antibiotics are and in which cases […]