Are you thinking about writing a forest management plan?  This site will guide you and your forestry professional to all the resources you’ll need.  Get started by navigating the pages below.

About Forest Management Planning

This section explains what a management plan is and why having one is a useful tool.

What’s in a Forest Management Plan?

An overview of the information that is included in a management plan.

Resources for Writing your Forest Management Plan

Resources for gathering the information about your land that will be included in your management plan.

Where to Get Help with your Forest Management Plan

People and organizations that can help you write or find more information and financial assistance for your management plan.

Forest Management Plan Templates

Download the Oregon Forest Management Plan template and the Oregon Forest Management Plan guidelines.

Fire Adapted Oak Landscapes

This page will offer resources and a template for making management decisions and writing plans for the oak habitats on your South Willamette Valley property.

About this Site

For more information about this website:  Lauren Grand, Oregon State University Extension Service

For more information about the Oregon Forest Management Plan: Nate Agalzoff, Oregon Department of Forestry

This website is made possible through funding from the USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Region, Cooperative Forestry as part of the Partnership for Forestry Education.

The Partnership for Forestry Education is a collaboration of state, federal and private organizations to provide educational resources to Oregon’s forest landowners, managers and operators. The Partnership was created to overcome decreases in key state agency budgets that reduced their capacity to provide the necessary educational programming. Partnership activities include jointly planned and delivered educational programs, a partnership web site, a shared database, joint outreach mailings and increased use of the knowledge delivered.

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