Blog Post# 4

Today I want to talk about why I learn computer, and the industry and job I want to engage in in the future. I have been very interested in computers since I was a child. When I was very young, my father bought me an old-fashioned desktop computer. At that time, every time I finished… Continue reading Blog Post# 4

Blog post #3

There is not much to do this week. Our group is also trying to promote the new process in learning. We also talked several times and were properly prepared to start our project. I also go to my store to help in my spare time.I am now in China. Because of covid, I returned to… Continue reading Blog post #3

Blog post #2

This is my second blog. After two weeks of study, my CS461 course has made some progress. I was assigned two group members. At the same time, I also got my final topic, “Blockchain-based smart contract” for infrastructure token”, actually I am quite interested. Many times I want to learn more about blockchain-related knowledge. The… Continue reading Blog post #2

My first Blog

Hello and Welcome to my Blog, My name is Zekun Chen, and I’m international student from China. Currently I am a full-time student, so I do not have an internship or job for the time being. I learn computer because of my personal interest. In fact, I didn’t know that learning computer would be so… Continue reading My first Blog

Hello world!

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