Job Performance

Job applications can often be a daunting task to complete and the hassle of completing them is no fun as they can often take ages to complete and you never know how many applications you are going to submit. The worst part about doing job applications is the uncertainty in getting an interview, let alone a job offer, just because of how competitive jobs are nowadays.

Being someone who is on the brink of graduation, the job application process has already started for me as I want to get a good entry-level job straight out of college. My biggest interest for work post-graduation is in the sports management or media industry. As someone who has been an athelte my whole life, I feel like it would give me job satisfaction once my career is over, but looking at my resume, the only experience I have when it comes to working in sports is in social media and being a student manager. While those are great things to have, companies may be looking for someone who has done a significant amount of work rather than a small amount. As an applicant, I want to give myself the best chance at landing an interview or an internship, so a cover letter will also play a big role in making me stand out from the competition.

During my job application, I received many rejections as they looked for people with skills I didn’t have, which encouraged me to look into developing those skills and apply for competing companies. Additionally, the job(s) I was rejected from may have been a blessing in disguise as I could possibly learn more at other jobs than I would’ve at this company.

Got any book recommendations?