On Becoming a Growth Mindset Master at Camp

Thriving Thursday: On Becoming a Growth Mindset Master at Camp

By Guest Blogger Virginia (Mom Bear) Bourdeau, State 4-H Camping Specialist

You can teach an old Mom Bear new tricks!  But only if she has a Growth Mindset!

When Mary Arnold introduced us to the Thriving Model one of the lessons was on Growth Mindsets.  People who have a growth mindset believe they can get better at things by working hard and putting in effort.  This theory excited me because it validated antidotal experiences I had as a 4-H parent, volunteer leader, and educator.  If you didn’t participate in Mary’s training series, or need a refresher, see Carol Dweck in this YouTube video.

Project-based 4-H experiences encourage youth to do their best when they exhibit their work at fair.  Some times their efforts don’t quite meet the standard 4-H has set for excellence, and they receive a red ribbon.  A red ribbon means “not yet.”  They can try again for a blue ribbon in the future, and this encourages a Growth Mindset.  Unlike school where youth receive a grade and move on to the next lesson, 4-H challenges youth to become better. In fact, it is in our 4-H Motto: To Make the Best Better! Continue reading