blog #4

During this week, our team is designing UI for our website. Strictly speaking, we are not doing UI “design”. Our goal for this and next week is basically trying to learn and get familiar with the flask framework and try to put most of the content we need for the UI on each page. I… Continue reading blog #4

blog #3

Under discussion for the past weeks, one of my teammates proposed that flask is a very good framework to use to build our website. This is not the first time I heard about Flask, but it is my first time considering deploying the websites using Flask. This is a brand new framework to me. During… Continue reading blog #3

blog #2

Our team is formed with three women. After the conversation, the truth is all of us are on the way to changing careers to CS and about to start job hunting. And surprisingly all of us are from the same area. During meetings and chatting for these two weeks, we have a good understanding of… Continue reading blog #2

Capstone blog post #1

Time flies! This capstone course is my second to the last from the program. After graduation, I would like to change my current career and find a new path in CS field. I’m a full-time elementary school teacher who teaches Chinese and math. I’ve been working in education field for more than five years. Four… Continue reading Capstone blog post #1

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