Motivational Compensation

During this last summer, I was interviewed for an internship under the branch manager position at a company called College Works Painting. In the interviews, one question that stood out to me was they asked what I was motivated to work for, and what they meant was from a compensation standpoint. The obvious and most prominent answer would be for money, benefits, and compensation but comes along with passion and security. Diving deeper into the interview process I was asked back for a second interview where we discussed more logistical information and then they told me how much I could potentially make, along with bonuses at the end of the year for hitting goals and milestones of sales. This was definitely a very motivating factor because it left the ball in your court to put in as much or little effort and strategy to what you wanted to achieve and make. Being a self-driven person I found this very enticing because I could see myself racing the high end of the spectrum where I could potentially make 10-20k from the commission and all the monthly bonuses and end-of-year bonuses for hitting certain marks.

I think compensation motivated my choice of taking the job because I found it very appealing to have an open-ended spectrum of what I could make and not be tied down to an hourly wage and or cap pay. The opportunity to make a large number of commissions and bonuses along with bi-weekly events with other managers like golf, boating, go-carting, and more led me to take the job because of both the compensation and fun culture of the company seemed like a great fit.

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