Job Hiring scenario, Jamie vs Avery

If I was a business owner and I had to decide who to hire out of these two I would not be very inclined because they both have their downfalls, but I would have to choose Jamie because you can teach potential and if you don’t have the consistency then you are going to be behind no matter how much talent or ability you have. Thus Jamie seems a more aligned fit because she will show up to work and be able to fulfill her assigned role with the training and guidance of our staff and me as well who can pick up the slack in the more intricate and critical portions of the business where there is less room for error and the stakes might be higher. Using Jamie we can have her dialed in and doing some of the back-end books or errands that we know she can be accountable for. One job that Avery would be very successful at would be a designer where she could have the freedom to work creatively and at her own pace to develop the best product because of her high potential and skills. She would be more valuable at this job because she could perform at high levels for shorter periods of time and still have a successful outcome. One job that Jamies would excel at would be a receptionist because she could talk to people that came into the office and take their name and check them in for their appointment, this requires consistency and accountability which Jamies has. She would be a better fit for this job because it doesn’t take a high-performance individual to keep the books and check people in as they come in.

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