Company Discrimination Reflection

If there was a company that I liked and I heard about the case or instance that they were being discriminatory It would be very hard for me to look at that company the same and want to associate myself with such actions because these are extremely unethical and immoral to treat someone with inferior instigations just because of their culture or ethnicity. It is not acceptable and especially in a business environment to take advantage and or treat someone different with worse conditions or wages that they themselves would not work in. For a business to make those inhumane decisions like I said it would be hard for me to see that company in any good light and would likely refrain from using them because no brand is as important as another human. I wouldn’t want to work with anyone who judges people more than they would judge themselves and think that there is anything good that comes out of discrimination and the unjust action that pertains to it. No company has a right to use a different culture or ethnicity to its individual and selfish intention in which harm, discriminate and regress their opportunities of having the freedom and respect as anyone else. You treat the janitor the same as the CEO and it’s the small actions, the ones that don’t get published and shown, hidden through interpersonal characteristics of people and the boards of companies that make these decisions based on their own personal agendas. I would not want to affiliate or work for a company that had any sort of discrimination acts.

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