Hiring Process

When looking at my past work experience and taking the perspective of going through the hiring process I am able to see and think about what it felt like in the experience and based some opinions and judgment of the business and creates an impression and can change whether or not you want and choose to work there.

  • The most recent experience of going through a hiring process was for amazon. It was a different type of hiring process where I thought I was going to have to go through the standard interview questions with just one person. But it was much different, I was required to drive out and meet in a classroom-style format with a bunch of other applicants. All listening to the instructions to fill out a hiring form and basically if you passed the test of matching and moving boxes by the specified and criteria weights then you were deemed sufficient to be hired. Once the form was completed and the basic test was passed we were able to pick when and where we wanted to work. There were a bunch of different early morning and all-day options during the week and over the weekend, but some days and times had an extra bonus like the graveyard or weekend shifts due to being more undesirable. I thought the $1.50 an hour bonus was worth it so I choose to do Sun, Mon, Tue from 8:15pm-4:45am.
  • This formed a perspective of the hiring process and business of high demand in workers, but also a high turnover rate of employees because they would basically take anyone if you could pass. Also increased my motivation to work for an extra dollar an hour for those certain shifts.
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