Motivational Compensation

During this last summer, I was interviewed for an internship under the branch manager position at a company called College Works Painting. In the interviews, one question that stood out to me was they asked what I was motivated to work for, and what they meant was from a compensation standpoint. The obvious and most… Continue reading Motivational Compensation

Hiring Process

When looking at my past work experience and taking the perspective of going through the hiring process I am able to see and think about what it felt like in the experience and based some opinions and judgment of the business and creates an impression and can change whether or not you want and choose… Continue reading Hiring Process

Recruitment and Selection

Some organizations might decide to put more emphasis and effort into producing the best product or service because they are material-focused and have a false sense of business ethics and are really only there for their perceived profits. Instead of putting their focus on doing the best they can at hiring the right employees that… Continue reading Recruitment and Selection