This week, as promised, we are going to talk about fragments.  We are going to talk about what fragments do by first showing the drawbacks of only using activities, and then seeing how fragments can help fill this hole. We spent a lot of time talking about activities in the last few blog posts.  As… Continue reading Fragments

Activity Lifecycle

Activity lifecycles are crucial to understand so as to control what happens with your app as the user moves into, through, and away from it, gets interrupted by phone calls or rotates their phone.  In this article, we are going to look at the activity lifecycle and see when different calls are made in response… Continue reading Activity Lifecycle

Android App File Fundamentals

It can be quite overwhelming to start looking at code in a new android app you are creating.  Even creating an empty app in Android Studio creates dozens of file for you, and yet that empty project actually only produces one screen with the words “Hello World” written.  For this post, I want to make… Continue reading Android App File Fundamentals

Self Doubt

Self doubt….it creeps up constantly. And a career change brings so many times where self doubt can feel overwhelming. Did I make the right choice? Am I going to be successful in my new career? Am I really twice the age of my internmates? Is that a sign I am doing this too late? My… Continue reading Self Doubt