International Work

If I was offered a great job opportunity in another country, I would consider many factors before taking the job. The first factor that I would consider is the pay relative to what I am currently making. If it turns out I would make less in the new job, I would need to know that… Continue reading International Work

Executive Compensation

The compensation executives make is way too high. This is especially true when you compare their compensation with that of the average employee in their company. Making several hundred times what your average worker makes is beyond excessive. These high-level executives make so much money that they have no idea how the average worker lives.… Continue reading Executive Compensation

Discretionary Benefits

Not all benefits are created equal both for employees and businesses. Many of the costs of these benefits out weight the benefits. If I had to rank the benefits in an order from the most likely to eliminate to the ones I would least likely eliminate. I would have to put transportation services as the… Continue reading Discretionary Benefits

Week 5 Current Job Posting

I located a job I would be interested in after graduating on Indeed. The job is a Supply Chain Controller with the company Abcam. Abcam considers this a mid level job within their supply chain. This job directly sees over roughly 50 suppliers to ensure inventory levels stay in check. The Supply Chain Controller will… Continue reading Week 5 Current Job Posting

Compensation systems: internally consistent vs market competitiveness?

Choosing the best way to compensate your employees is a difficult and time consuming process that is always changing. One of the main challenges with compensation is trying to stay ahead of the market. Even if you are paying enough now, in five years you could be underpaying your employees and this can cause you… Continue reading Compensation systems: internally consistent vs market competitiveness?

Panda Express

Panda Express’s is the company I chose to research this week. Panda Express’s approach to compensation does seem to support their competitive strategy. They offer a higher quality fast food experience while positioning themselves with a price not much higher than ordering a meal from say McDonalds or Taco Bell. The compensation they offer is… Continue reading Panda Express

Week 1 Blog Post

Throughout high school I worked as a ranch hand on a cattle ranch near my home town. This job was difficult and I was paid minimum wage but I was able to work almost as many hours as I wanted. Once I started college I began working an on campus job in a dining hall… Continue reading Week 1 Blog Post

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