International Work

If I was offered a great job opportunity in another country, I would consider many factors before taking the job. The first factor that I would consider is the pay relative to what I am currently making. If it turns out I would make less in the new job, I would need to know that the cost of living was less in the new country. Another important factor would be how it will impact my personal life and my relationships with my family. Unless I would be able to return regularly to see family even a higher pay position wouldn’t be a positive improvement for me personally. The length of the job would also be important for me. If the job would be for one or two years even if I couldn’t see family frequently, I would still take the job if I knew I would be able to return to the United States in a couple years. Longer than two or three years would have to be an exceptional position for me to consider. The culture of the country I would be moving too would also be a factor I would consider. I would be more likely to take a position in a country outside the United States that had a similar culture to ours in order to avoid culture shock. The convincing factor for me would be a higher salary that was good for my career and still allowed me to visit my family frequently. Being able to visit family frequently while still forwarding my career is important for me as an employee. I have a large family and spend a lot of time with them on almost a weekly basis.


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Strategic Compensation Chapter 13 and 14

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