Week 5 Current Job Posting

I located a job I would be interested in after graduating on Indeed. The job is a Supply Chain Controller with the company Abcam. Abcam considers this a mid level job within their supply chain. This job directly sees over roughly 50 suppliers to ensure inventory levels stay in check. The Supply Chain Controller will also be responsible for improving the supply chain and increasing efficiencies. This job also requires the use of an ERP system to prioritize and accomplish tasks. This company is actually based in the UK and the Eugene segment is a part of a larger whole. This could cause some cultural clash but I believe it will be minimal.

On Indeed the job shows an estimated salary of $65.8K to $83.4K per year. Looking on other sites such as payscale shows the average Supply Chain Manager salary to be $84,145 a year. Combining these two I would say the range for this position to be between $65K and $95K a year. This position is asking candidates to have a degree in a related field. My experience is in retail management maintaining inventory levels for a store roughly half the size of a Target. With 5 years of experience with supply and inventory control and an MBA in supply chain and logistics management I would say I am adequately qualified for this position. If I interviewed for this position I would ask for below the mean of the salary range I found for this position since I have experience working in a supply chain but not directly controlling more than twenty suppliers. I would ask for $75K a year to start and combine that with other benefits such as 401K match and more PTO. Asking for to low a salary would be selling my education and experience short. The cost of living in Eugene Oregon is slightly higher than the average in Oregon. This is the main reason I would ask for above the lowest part of this range since I will need to spend more on housing costs. After a couple years when I have shown the ability to do the job well and with my work ethic I would ask for a salary increase. This salary increase would put me at or above the mean for this position since I have proven I am an asset to this company.




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