Week 1 Blog Post

Throughout high school I worked as a ranch hand on a cattle ranch near my home town. This job was difficult and I was paid minimum wage but I was able to work almost as many hours as I wanted. Once I started college I began working an on campus job in a dining hall that also paid minimum wage with fairly limited hours usually only about 20 per week. During holiday breaks I was given the option of staying on campus and working at my student job or going back to my home town and working as a ranch hand again. The increased compensation of being able to work many more hours lead me to return home almost every holiday break and during my summers. The increased available hours made the compensation for the ranch hand job much higher than the on campus job for the same number of days worked. It was much harder work but since I had plenty of free time during holiday breaks it made more since to me to work more hours then and make more money so I wouldn’t have to work as much during the time I was at school. The two jobs paid the same and the ranch hand job was more difficult but the increased compensation made it my favorable choice despite the easier alternative.

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