Week #6 – Blog: Individual Assignment

Question: Reflect on a training (or a class you’ve taken) that you found especially beneficial and one that you didn’t find beneficial. Drawing on this week’s material, what made the one training (or class) effective and the other not so much?

One class that I have found to be very beneficial for me in my life is my speech class in college. Some of the reasons on why this class is beneficial is improving communication skills. This speech class helped me to improve my communication skills by teaching me how to effectively convey my ideas and messages to others. I learned how to organize my thoughts, develop strong arguments, and deliver my message in a clear and engaging way. This class helped also with my career now because I talk to people all the time. These effective communication skills are highly valued by employers in almost every field. By taking a speech class and improving my communication skills, I am able to make myself more valuable to future employers. This class just was also very interesting and allowed me to share my ideas with those around me and it involved topics that striked everyones interest.

One class that I have found to be un-beneficial is philosophy. Philosophy classes typically involve reading and analyzing dense texts, engaging in rigorous discussions and debates, and grappling with difficult questions and abstract ideas. I think that this is a good class for someone who is interested in reading, but for me it was not worth it. This class brought me a lot of stress and sleepless nights. I think what made this class not beneficial was the fact that it did not align with my goals for the future. To connect this back to HR I think that when one is searching for a company to join it is important to look at the company’s culture to see if you will like going to work everyday.