Compensation and how it can be a motivating factor

When ever you are trying to decide whether you want to accept a job, promotion, or even resign compensation is normally a motivating factor in those decisions. Compensation could be the reason you stay or the reason you leave so it can be very important in some situations. One time I have seen compensation pay a role in a decision was when my cousin was deciding whether she should leave her job or not. She was working at a very big company at the time so at first glance it looked like they had given their employees very nice benefits and compensation. The problem that took place with my cousin is she was worked very hard and it was a very stressful job. She had felt like she wasn’t getting paid enough for what she was doing and the toll it was taking on her. When she was deciding what she was going to do she thought a lot about the compensation factor. One aspect she thought about was the probability she would get a raise. When she thought about it more because it was such a big company the probability wasn’t very high because she was such a new employee. In this case she had decided to leave her job because she didn’t feel like what she was getting paid was not reflecting the work she did. In this situation compensation was the reason that she left when you normally hear stories about it being the reason to stay of accept a job.